Congress of Christian Education

The Church of our Lord Jesus Christ is yet challenged with old enemies disguised in new ways that threatens the sacred foundation of which the Church was founded.  Christian Education continues to be the bedrock of PNBC's mission and vision to combat the forces of evil that has revealed itself on every level of human existence. PNBC continues to move forward in achieving and succeeding the standards that mobilizes our initiatives. These initiatives undergird PNBC's charge and challenge of equipping pastors to lead their Churches in effective ministry and with the commitment of lifting our voices on behalf of the voiceless.

We believe by providing diverse, contemporary and engaging Christian Educational options for pastors, laypersons and Church members, our Churches can become stronger and more influential. The PNBC Congress of Christian Education is blessed to have such gifted and skilled instructors that provide relevant and innovative models of ministry.

Our redesigned education component offers workshops, skill shops and courses facilitated by pastors, educators, speakers, and leaders who are prominent voices of cutting edge thought and implementers of social change within the Black community. Providing seminary-based training for pastors and certification programs for laypersons is paramount of the program. The Christian Education program will continue to be shaped to ensure that laypersons and pastors are offered courses that lead to relevant and transformative ministry.

The purpose of the Congress of Christian Education is to be the workhorse and the workforce of promoting globally the Christian Education mission of PNBC Churches. Listed below are the Congress of Christian Education Committee Representatives.

President at Large - Rev. Dr. Felix G. Williams, (KY.)    

1st Vice President   -  Rev. Samuel Peoples, (KY.)    

Dean of Congress -   Rev. William McGee, (MS.)    

Assistant Dean of Congress - Dr. Cheryl Marriott, (NY.)    

Director General - Anice Price, (AL.)    

Assistant Director General - Camille Burse, (IL.)       

Secretary - Cheryl Reeves, (SC.)