Leadership Roster


Dr. Timothy Stewart, President

Reverend David R. Peoples, 1st Vice President

Dr. Keith W. Byrd, Sr., 2nd Vice President

Dr. Timothy Tee Boddie, General Secretary


Ms. Lisa Bethel, Recording Secretary

Reverend Thelma Washington, First Assistant Recording Secretary

Mrs. Mia Shields, Second Assistant Recording Secretary

Dr. Douglas Stowers, Treasurer

Dr. U. A. Thompson, Historian



Dr. Ivan Butler

Deacon Leonard Sanders

Deacon Calvin Larts

Deaconess Johnie Randal

Reverend Priscilla Loney

Atty Nadine Nunn



Dr. Keith W. Byrd, Sr., Eastern Region

Dr. E.G. Shields Jr., Midwest Region

Dr. Gil Wright, Southern Region

Dr. Philip Kent, Southwest Region

Dr. Keith Russell, International Region



Ms. Alberta Bean, Women’s Department

Deacon George Williams, Laymen’s Department

Mr. Daniel Martin III, Ushers Department

Ms. Joyce Murrell, Health Ministry

Reverend Clifton Caldwell, Moderators Department

Dr. Milton Branch, State Presidents Department

Mr. Kenneth Harris, Young Adult Department

Dr. Felix Williams III, Congress of Christian Education

Reverend Samuel Nixon Jr., Missions Ministry




Dr. Tyrone Pitts, Arrangements Committee

Audit Committee

Dr. James Evans, Chair, Board of Christian Education & Publication

Reverend Patrick McFall, Budget Committee

Dr. Robert L. Jemerson, Chaplaincy Endorsement

Reverend D.S. President, Communication & Media

Dr. Lawrence Foster, Constitution Committee

Reverend Charles C. Adams, Credentials & Causes

Dr. Michael Chapman, Economic Development

Dr. Harold Carter, Jr., Elections Committee

Reverend Betty Crawford, Evangelism Board

Mr. Danny Meeks, Chair, Finance & Property Committee

Dr. Wallace C. Smith, Co-Chair, Finance & Property Committee

Dr. Steve Bland, Leadership Development

Reverend Kip B. Banks, Sr., Nannie Helen Burroughs School Board of Trustees

Dr. Jerome J. Washington, Nominating Committee

Dr. Gary Simpson, Pastors Division

Reverend Karl Delk, Pastors Appreciation Ministry

Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Jr., Pastoral Placement Committee

Dr. John Mendez, Pastoral Support Ministry

Dr. Major Jemison, Personnel Committee

Dr. Alan Ragland, Planning & Evaluation Committee

Dr. Jewel London, Program Committee

Dr. Tyrone P. Jones, IV, Retain, Reclaim, Recruit Ministry

Dr. Charles Dates, Seminarian Outreach Program

Dr. Calvin Butts III, Social Justice Commission

Dr. Henry P. Davis, III, Stewardship Development

Dr. Jacqueline Thompson, Women in Ministry Initiative

Reverend Jeffery Williams, Youth Ministry/Young Adult Task Force



Dr. Ralph W. Canty, Sr.

Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Sr.

Dr. Charles G. Adams

Dr. Major Jemison

Dr. T. DeWitt Smith, Jr.

Dr. Carroll A. Baltimore

Dr. James C. Perkins