Leadership Roster


Dr. James C. Perkins, President

Dr. Timothy Stewart, 1st Vice President

Reverend David Peoples, 2nd Vice President

Dr. Timothy Tee Boddie, General Secretary

Dr. Robert Shine, Parliamentarian

Reverend Perry Smith, Assistant Parliamentarian

Ms. Cheryl Haskett, Recording Secretary

Ms. Lisa Bethel, First Assistant Recording Secretary

Minister Thelma Washington, Second Assistant Recording Secretary

Reverend Kevin Kearney, Treasurer

Dr. Martha Taylor, Historian/Archivist

Dr. Joseph Evans, Chief of Staff

Dr. Gardner C. Taylor, President Emeritus

Dr. Tyrone S. Pitts, General Secretary Emeritus



Reverend Joshua King

Attorney Sharon Scott

Reverend Lucious Dixon

Dr. William Robinson

Reverend James Baldwin

Dr. Louis B. Jones II



Dr. Keith Byrd, Eastern Region

Dr. E.G. Shields Jr., Midwest Region

Reverend Gil H. Wright, Southern Region

Dr. Philip Kent, Southwest Region

Dr. Ivan S. Butler, International Region



Ms. Alberta Bean, Women’s Department

Deacon George Williams, Laymen’s Department

Mr. Kenneth Harris, Young Adult Department

Mr. Lawrence Brooks, Youth Department

Ms. Mattie Williams, Ushers Department

Ms. Wynetta Hutcherson, Health Ministry

Reverend Clifton Caldwell, Moderators Department

Reverend Keith G. Tyler, Sr., State Presidents Department

Dr. Felix Williams III, Congress of Christian Education



Deacon Marion Richardson, Arrangements Committee

Mr. William L. Byrd, Audit Committee

Reverend Priscilla Loney, Chair & Dr. James Evans, Co-Chair

           Board of Christian Education & Publication

Reverend Larry Foster, Budget Committee

Dr. Robert L. Jemerson, Chaplaincy Endorsement

Dr. Keith Byrd, Constitution Committee

Dr. Arthur Carson, Credentials & Causes

Dr. William Calhoun, Elections Committee

Reverend Kenneth Flowers, Evangelism Board

Dr. Warren Marshall, Finance & Property Committee

Dr. Guy A. Williams, Sr., Leadership Development

Reverend Samuel Nixon, Jr., Missions Ministry

Reverend Kip B. Banks, Sr., Nannie Helen Burroughs School Board of Trustees

Dr. Milton Branch, Chair, Nominating Committee

Dr. Steve Bland, Pastoral Placement Committee

Dr. Charles E. Booth, Pastors Division

Dr. Arlee Griffin, Jr., Personnel Committee

Dr. Jacqueline Thompson, Planning & Evaluation Committee

Dr. Michael Scott, Program Committee

Dr. Tyrone P. Jones, IV, Retain, Reclaim, Recruit Ministry

Dr. Charles Christian Adams, Seminarian Department

Dr. Raphael G. Warnock, Social Justice Commission

Dr. Henry P. Davis, III, Stewardship Development

Dr. Delores Cain, Women in Ministry Initiative

Dr. Paul Dunn, Youth Ministry/Young Adult Task Force