Join PNBC as we reinvent the denomination and bring about a new sense of mission.

PNBC’s charge is equipping pastors and churches to be effective in ministry; lifting our voice on behalf of the voiceless.

PNBC is reclaiming its position as the premiere faith-based advocate for social justice. Below are just a few of the benefits that your church will reap from membership. PNBC will:

  • Equip churches on the best practices in ministry and expose them to relevant models of ministry
  • Deliver educational conferences, classes, and workshops that include certification level programs that are facilitated by speakers and leaders who are prominent voices of cutting-edge thought and social change
  • Present a collective and education-driven approach to missions, evangelism, and social justice
  • Create opportunities for women in ministry to learn and serve at PNBC
  • Develop a meaningful program for our youth and young adults that support their churches and give them a strong spiritual foundation
  • Offer the opportunity for fellowship, training, accountability and coaching with pastors of like mind
  • Maintain a strong, national network of resources in order to respond to and address important national and international issues as they arise

To download the PNBC membership application, click here.