Why Join PNBC?


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The Progressive National Baptist Convention is an association of Baptist churches whose mission is to equip pastors and churches to be effective in ministry and to lift our voice on behalf of the voiceless.

Why Join?

Be a part of the history of the PNBC and its mission, vision, and successes as well as message of social justice and civil rights legacy of MLK, Jr. and others.

Be educated on the best practices in ministry and relevant 21st century models of ministry that enlighten pastors and laypersons.

Be equipped with resources for effective church ministry for the 21st century congregation.

Be on the cutting edge of educational conferences, classes and workshops that include certification level programs that are facilitated by speakers and leaders who are prominent ‘voices’ of cutting-edge thought and implementers of social change within the black community.

Be involved in a strong, national network of resources that can respond to and address important national and international issues as they arise.

Be offered the opportunity for fellowship, training, accountability and coaching with pastors of like mind. 

Be coached by seasoned PNBC pastors throughout the country.

Be part of a movement.

Be Progressive.

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