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59th Annual Session Update

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Greetings Progressive National Baptist Convention Family:

On April 18, 2020 under the leadership of the Twenty-first President, Dr. Timothy Stewart, the Board of Directors of the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc. took one of its most significant votes since its inception. Unanimously, they agreed upon a virtual Fifty-ninth Annual Session and authorized the President to use the influence of his office to usher the idea into reality.

With dispatch, a committee of ten comprised of Vice-Presidents, Reverend David Peoples and Dr. Keith Byrd; former President, Dr. Major Jemison, General Secretary, Dr. Albert Wayne Johnson, former General Secretary, Dr. Tyrone Pitts, Dr. Don Darius Butler-Program Chair, Reverend Jewel London, Dr. Emma Simpson, Dr. Jacqueline Thompson and I were charged with oversight and facilitation of the project.

Covid-19 has diverted us from a place of convenience and custom and to a new place of creative leadership. The closing of the path to the past is a challenge to step into the future, to lead a paradigm shift and to seek the most excellent way to do convention life and ministry in the Twenty-first Century. We have accepted that challenge and are endeavoring to honor the privilege God has given us in this season. We invite and encourage you to embrace the change and walk with us into this new era of convention and church life.

The session will last only three days, with six hours of programming each day. But we promise it will be informative, power packed, inspirational and transforming. Embracing the doctrine of essentialism, we eliminated many of our usual and customary features, but we believe the quality of the program and presentations will be of added value. We will have awesome speakers, panelists, and preachers in each session including our own president who will deliver his annual address on Thursday night.

In the coming weeks you will receive our daily schedule, the list of our presenters, the topics they will address and suggestions on how you can assist us in making this the greatest session ever!

I appeal to each church to reach one church, each pastor to reach one pastor and each layperson to reach one layperson so we will have the biggest registration, the highest percentage increase in One Percent giving and the most generous support ever of our beloved Convention.

We will look forward to your participation in the Fifty-Ninth Annual Session streaming from various locations across the country and around the world. Mark your calendar for August 4-6, 2020 and plan to be as present this year as in all the years before.

In His Service,
Ralph W. Canty Sr.

Read The Original Correspondence

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