Leadership Roster
Leadership Roster


  • Dr. Timothy Stewart, President
  • Reverend David R. Peoples, 1st Vice President
  • Dr. Keith W. Byrd, Sr., 2nd Vice President
  • Dr. A. Wayne Johnson, General Secretary
  • Rev. Dr. Tyrone Pitts, Emeritus General Secretary
  • Dr. Anthony Motley, Parliamentarian
  • Ms. Lisa Bethell, Recording Secretary
  • Reverend Thelma Washington, First Assistant Recording Secretary
  • Mrs. Mia Shields, Second Assistant Recording Secretary
  • Dr. Douglas Stowers, Treasurer
  • Dr. U. A. Thompson, Historian


  • Reverend Akin O. Royall., Eastern Region
  • Dr. Keith Tyler, Midwest Region
  • Dr. Gil Wright, Southern Region
  • Dr. Larry Foster Sr., Southwest Region
  • Dr. Keith Russell, International Region


  • Ms. Edna Holloway, Women’s Department
  • Deacon Wallace Turman, Laymen’s Department
  • Mr. Daniel Martin III, Ushers Department
  • Ms. Joyce Murrell, Health Ministry
  • Reverend Clifton Caldwell, Moderators Department
  • Dr. Milton Branch, State Presidents Department
  • Ms. Indasha Bynum, Youth Ministry
  • Ms. Tanisha Kidd, Young Adult Department
  • Dr. Felix Williams III, Congress of Christian Education
  • Reverend Samuel Nixon Jr., Missions Ministry


  • Dr. Ivan Butler
  • Deacon Calvin Larts
  • Reverend Priscilla Loney
  • Deaconess Johnie Randall
  • Atty Nadine Nunn
  • Deacon Leonard Sanders


  • Dr. Frederick Haynes, Social Justice Commission
  • Dr. Willie Dwayne Francois III, Social Justice Commission
  • Dr. Tyrone Pitts, Arrangements Committee
  • Dr. James Evans, Chair, Board of Christian Education & Publication
  • Reverend Patrick McFall, Budget Committee
  • Dr. Robert L. Jemerson, Chaplaincy Endorsement
  • Ms. Gandhi Pinder, Communication & Media
  • Dr. Lawrence Foster, Constitution Committee
  • Reverend Charles C. Adams, Credentials & Causes
  • Dr. Michael Chapman, Economic Development
  • Dr. William Calhoun, Elections Committee
  • Dr. Marty Henderson, Evangelism Board
  • Dr. Wallace C. Smith, Chair, Finance & Property Committee
  • Dr. Steve Bland, Leadership Development
  • Reverend Kip B. Banks, Sr., Nannie Helen Burroughs School Board of Trustees
  • Dr. Jerome J. Washington, Nominating Committee
  • Dr. Gary Simpson, Pastors Division
  • Reverend Karl Delk, Pastors Appreciation Ministry
  • Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Jr., Pastoral Placement Committee
  • Dr. John Mendez, Pastoral Support Ministry
  • Dr. Major Jemison, Personnel Committee
  • Dr. Alan Ragland, Planning & Evaluation Committee
  • Dr. Darrius Butler, Program Committee
  • Dr. Tyrone P. Jones IV, Retain, Reclaim, Recruit Ministry
  • Dr. Charlie Dates, Seminarian Outreach Program
  • Dr. Calvin Butts III, Social Justice Commission
  • Dr. Henry P. Davis III, Stewardship Development
  • Dr. Jacqueline Thompson, Women in Ministry
  • Reverend Jeffery Williams, Youth Ministry/Young Adult Task Force


  • Dr. Ralph W. Canty, Sr.
  • Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Sr.
  • Dr. Charles G. Adams
  • Dr. Major Jemison
  • Dr. T. DeWitt Smith, Jr.
  • Dr. Carroll A. Baltimore
  • Dr. James C. Perkins