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Disaster Relief

The Progressive National Baptist Convention continues to place emphasis on developing a more comprehensive Disaster Preparedness Program which provides timely support, meaningful services and technical assistance to communities impacted by the growing number of natural disasters in the South and Central United States. Presently the PNBC Disaster Preparedness Program is playing a critical role in promoting awareness, training through education and forming alliances in supporting long term recovery efforts in areas devastated by hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters. Our international organization has aggressive protocols in place to aid community base organizations, interface with key leadership, and faith-based groups as we expand the necessary core competencies to respond, aid and assist people during these type tragedies.

Over the last six years, Rooms To Go, Inc., a highly regarded national corporation has been a premiere corporate sponsor and supporter of PNBC’s Disaster Preparedness Program. Due to their generosity, PNBC has been able to conduct training sessions throughout many Southern and South central communities along with delivering non perishables food items, blankets and supplies to hundreds of families. Partnerships and alliances currently exist with a host of businesses, American Red Cross, FEMA, VOAD and local, state, regional and Federal Agencies.

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