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PNBC 59th Annual Session - Virtual ConferenceAugust 4 - 6, 2020

Dear Progressive Family,

I greet you in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ. I am writing you wishing you well during this most difficult season of Pandemic and urging you to follow the guidelines of the CDC to avoid crowd gatherings, wash your hands frequently and to wear a mask.

This communication is being e-mailed to you to update you on the 59th Annual Session. This update will also be sent to those without email capabilities via U. S. mail.

Registration – Registration forms for delegates, individuals, youth and young adults may be downloaded from the website at Please complete the forms and return them by mail or e-mail at Please make sure that the e- mail addresses are included for all registrations. Remember if you are not able to financially register your church or delegates due to this very difficult season please fill out the registration form and give the information if your delegates so that the delegates can vote.

Delegates – Ballots have been mailed via US Postal Service to all 1% churches and Life Members. Please ensure that information for delegates is completed and returned by August 3, 2020.

According to our Constitution and bylaws Article 1a: “Each 1% church shall be entitled to the following number of delegate to the annual session: 499 or less members: 5 voting delegates, 500 to 799 members: 8 voting delegates, 800 to 999

members: 10 voting delegates, 1,000 to 1,499 members: 12 voting delegates, 1,500 or more members: 15 voting delegates”. Please also note that Life Time members are eligible to Vote.

Schedule at-a-Glance

Attached is the Schedule at-a-Glance, which includes links to join the departmental meetings. Additional information will be provided to you as it becomes available.

Please pray for President Stewart and the Progressive National Baptist Convention. We look forward to a very inspiring 59th Annual Session.

Yours in Christ,
Dr. A. Wayne Johnson General Secretary

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