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PNBC Annual Session and COVIDA message from the President

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Greetings My Beloved:

On January 21, 2020 a young man in Washington State was diagnosed with novel coronavirus (covid-19), by February 26th we had our first case with a citizen with no travel history and by March 13th the President declared we had a national emergency as the pandemic reached all corners of the world. Since then we have seen our economy shutdown, businesses wane, our houses of worship closed and our homes, our castles of comfort have become our chambers of confinement. We have known isolation, pain and panic as never before.

My heart goes out to each of you. The pain you have endured has also been my pain. And, the isolation has been mutually shared. So, as your leader, know that you have been heavy on my heart. I am constantly in prayer that our hope will remain steadfast and sure. We will come out of this BETTER as new windows of opportunity are open to us. In the meanwhile, let us trust God and be delivered.

Because of the crisis, the board of directors has voted to have a VIRTUAL FIFTY-NINTH ANNUAL SESSION. We don’t think it is a good time to travel or to gather in assembly, but neither do we think the work of the Convention should be abated. Our voice is needed more than ever and we will be heard. The Steering Committee is at work, designing a program and engaging a wonderful array of powerful preachers, politicians, lecturers and civic activists who will speak to these times with relevance and resilience.

As we pierce the veil of this new frontier, I want to personally invite each of you to plan to attend each session. And may I also encourage you to share the word that the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc. still dares to lead where others have not trod.

You’ll be hearing more from me, the General Secretary and others who are lifting up the Progressive Standard as we do the work of the Kingdom.

In His Love,

Dr. Timothy Stewart

Read The Original Correspondence

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