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COVID Emergency Relief

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The PNBC Missions Board extends this invitation to all PNBC churches impacted by the COVID-19 Crisis to submit a request for funding support for critical, COVID-related needs (e.g., food, health care, medicine, utility bills, etc.) of their communities directly to the PNBC Missions Board, via your Regional Missions Representative,

per guidance specified on the Missions 2021 Missions Ministry Church COVID-Related Emergency Request Form” (see attached).  The funding limitation is a maximum of $10,000 total (per the entire) region, regardless of the number of churches applying.  Requests will be received and reviewed by the Missions Board, with the Missions Regional Representatives, for final decisions and awards. The PNBC Missions Board will make the final award decisions in August 2021.

The completed and signed (by the church pastor) application must be returned to your PNBC Regional Missions Representative by close of business Friday, August 6, 2021.  Your PNBC Regional Vice President is copied on this matter.  Decisions will be made by PNBC Missions on the requests, to support meeting the pressing needs of the regional churches’ local communities.  Missions requires a brief (at least 1 page) written (email) statement/report from the requesting church pastor of how the funds were used, to document information by the Convention on who was prayerfully helped by the award.  A photo and/or 2-3 minute video (with permission of recipients) of the church representative(s), with the persons and/or families that were the beneficiaries of the award, is also requested.  Missions will share the reports and examples of how your and other churches across your region were supported during this challenging time.  The reports may also be shared during the 2021 regional caucus sessions of the PNBC 60th Anniversary Annual Session.  For more information, contact your Regional Missions Representative.  Thank you for your timely attention to this matter to help extend love in the lives of others. Lk 10:30-36

On behalf of PNBC Missions,

Rev. Samuel Nixon, Jr.
Vice President

Dr. Noel Hutchinson
Executive Director

Apply For COVID Relief

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