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Solidarity With The Asian Community

Rev. Gilbert and The Center for Racial Equity and Justice stand in solidarity with the Asian community as they grieve and cope with the racist culture of America. Now is the time when the narrative must change, and we, who are traumatized by the hate-filled actions of racism must leave our solos in order to shift the unbalanced scales of justice with the hopes of ridding our communities of the godless acts experienced in the many lives of minorities in America. Now is the time to proclaim that what we are experiencing in our lifetime is not an African American issue, an Asian issue nor a Hispanic issue, this is a White issue. An issue that must reach the fiber of every White American from the stony hills of Georgia, to the flatlands of South Dakota. This issue must reach speak to the moral composition of the White American “hot-rod” motorcyclist in California to the starch right-wing Southern Baptist pastor in Texas. Now is the time, that Americans stand against the original sin of America – White Supremacy!

We further express our righteous indignation against the statements made by Capt. Jay Baker which provided a narrative of protection, understanding, and humanity for the cold-blooded acts of Robert Aaron Long. Although there was a clear attack on a specific minority group, Capt. Baker refused to even accept the possibility of Long’s actions being a hate crime, instead, he paints the picture of a lost, confused child who was “just having a bad day.” This is consciously or unconsciously the effects of the supremacist attitude that there is a different system, interpretation, and understanding for whites than the rest of America. It is in this vein, that we call for every police department in America to conduct Professional Development Trainings on:

  1. Implicit Bias
  2. The Dehumanization of the Black Community
  3. Procedural Justice
  4. De-Escalation Tactics
  5. Duty to Intervene
  6. Understanding when to use Discretion

We call for the actions of Robert Aaron Long’s murder to be investigated and tied to a Hate Crime act against the Asian community, and until it is proven not to be so, it should be treated as such.

Stay in the Fight,
Rev. George C. Gilbert, Jr.

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